ANC International

International leader in production of cosmetic and personal care products, healthy food and beverages from Korea
ANC (Advanced Natural Cosmetics) is a Korean corporation that shows very high growth rates and significant results in the production of cosmetic products and related business areas around the world.

Today ANC International is a set of global business networks located all over the world. ANC strives to become a global creator of value, worthily representing Korea in the light of outstanding people and extensive business experience.

"We are developing new technologies with the best quality standard and the latest cosmetics production system, and we constantly strive to create products and improve its quality through our own technologies and know-how. In addition, thanks to a perspective business process, by carrying out technical partnership with foreign companies, we focus on producing the world's best products. ".

Advanced Natural Cosmetics

ANC International presents 4 categories of products
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17, Butlerov street, Moscow, 117342, Russia
Business centre «NEO GEO»
+7 (495) 795-77-96
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