Innovative products that help to take care of the skin
and correct pathologies at the cellular level
ISIS PHARMA is a French dermatological laboratory specializing in the development and distribution of dermo-cosmetic and aesthetic products.

ISISPHARMA laboratories were founded in 1987 by a visionary chemist driven by the desire to put the group's expertise at the service of healthcare professionals and patients. Collaboration with scientific communities and universities means the products benefit from the latest scientific research into skin homeostasis.

With its own research and development laboratories, ISISPHARMA works on exclusive associations of ingredients able to act both on prevention and correction of cutaneous imbalances in many dermatological pathologies.
Thanks to innovative and selected ingredients of proven efficiency, ISISPHARMA products guarantee a perfect adaptation to patient needs for each indication.

ISISPHARMA products are manufactured in our own production units in France in strict conformity with French and European Union regulation. Safe, efficient and subjected to rigorous dermatological testing, its products are adapted to all skin types, even the most sensitive.

ISISPHARMA's history has been written in the field with and for dermatologists and patients. ISISPHARMA is now a world-famous brand prescribed by dermatologists and recommended by pharmacists in over 80 countries on 5 continents.

To improve patients' quality of life by providing effective, accessible and qualitative dermatological care. And to preserve and restore the natural physiological balance of the skin


ISIS PHARMA has its roots and basic scientific concept in Egyptian mythology.

In Egyptian mythology, humans have attempted to symbolize and understand the principles governing the cycle of life, death and resurrection. The Egyptian goddess Isis represents and symbolizes the will and quest for truth. In the human body one vital organ has the unique natural ability to regenerate itself and thus perpetuate its structural and functional balance: the skin.
The skin has the extraordinary ability to independently manage its own balance and implement means of control.
The ability of a system to maintain its balance despite constraints and external aggressions is called HOMEOSTASIS.
The vital homeostasis balance involves 4 elements : a receptor, a control center, an effector and feedback.
The solutions developed by ISISPHARMA do not alter the skin's nature and allow it recover its natural balance.
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