Organic Korean cosmetics Whamisa - quality products for daily care
Korean cosmetics WHAMISA is a trademark of organic cosmetics company ENS Korea Co. It is characterized by impeccable quality and democratic price policy.

The main feature of Whamisa cosmetics is the innovative technology of using plant fermentation. This process increases the activity of substances contained in the tissues of flowers and plants, and gives the structure of components new physical qualities. Ingredients that have undergone fermentation penetrate deeper into the skin and are better absorbed by it.
Natural natural fermentation minimizes the destruction and loss of useful properties. Thus, the products created by this method contribute to the maximum saturation of the skin with useful substances and is perfectly suited for all its types.

In the process of growing plants, artificial fertilizers are not used. Means for body skin care, face, hair and many other things do not contain dyes, parabens, fragrances, SLS, oil refining products.

Contains beauty of nature

Whamisa products are divided into male and female, and there is also a line
for caring sensitive baby skin

Natural ingredients
All cosmetics on 95-98% consists of organic raw materials (flowers, seeds, medicinal plants containing natural collagens).
Quality control
The products are certified by organic certificates BDIH and EcoCert.
Innovative technologies
In the production Whamisa uses an innovative technology of plant fermentation.
Organic water
In the production process company uses water obtained from organic plants.
UV protection
Whamisa uses only mineral sunscreen components that affect the skin more safely and keep it healthy.
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