Mineral water with unique healing properties
Mineral water Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya is the result of long-term geological exploration efforts and a passionate desire to find a way of harmonious interaction of nature and human. Extracted and spilled in the south-western part of the Tetyushsky District of the Republic of Tatarstan near the village of Bolshiye Tarkhany, Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya possesses unique natural properties, due to which it is shown to be used both for treatment and prevention of many diseases.
The brand occupies a worthy niche not only in the Tatarstan market, but also at the federal level.
A unique characteristic of Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya mineral water is the content of natural biologically active components that can, with a course application, improving effect on the human body.
The mineral waters of the Tarkhansky deposit are water-treatment and canteens, which are characterized by a small mineralization and can be used practically without restrictions.

Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya is the water that meets the highest quality standards.

Experience the natural flow of energy

Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya is represented in three kinds
For strength
Power is an objective concept, the primacy in the maintenance of which always remains with nature. Feel the natural flow of energy with a help of Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya For Strength
For life
Tarkhanskaya Samorodnaya For Life
has not only outstanding medicinal properties, but also all qualities of a table drink suitable for daily use.
For youth
Preservation and maintenance of youth is the task of representatives of all ages and generations. The use of reliable mineral water is one of its most powerful solutions.
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