From producer to buyer

The company Muse Media is a federal distributor for the pharmaceutical market of Russia and CIS countries.

We specialize in the distribution of professional and pharmacy cosmetics, supplements, medicines and medical products.

Our partners

We cooperate with leading retailers
of the Russian pharmaceutical market
  • Rigla pharmacy chain is more than 1500 pharmacies in 47 regions of Russia. The chain was founded in 2001. Today Rigla is one of leaders in the Russian pharmaceutical market in terms of sales.
  • Pharmacy chain Samson Pharma
    is 67 pharmacies located in all districts of Moscow and popular due to the high culture of service and affordable prices.
  • Erkafarm today is more than 1,500 pharmacies, working in various formats - from discounters to pharmaco-markets. It ranked in
    the top 500 largest companies in Russia.
  • The chain of premium pharmacies, meeting the highest world standards of service quality. It is part of the holding company Unident.
  • The chain of pharmacies with step-by-step availability and honest price policy aimed at making purchases available to a wide range of people.
  • Internet pharmacy is a wide assortment, low prices and good service. It works with the largest pharma suppliers and ranked in the top-5 online pharmacies in Russia.
  • The Internet pharmacy eApteka is a wide assortment, low prices and good service. It works with the largest pharmaceutical suppliers in Russia.

  • A unique Russian online hypermarket, a real Healthy Life Store, where you can purchase natural and organic products for a healthy lifestyle.
  • A pharmacy chain of federal significance with presence in 27 regions of Russia. The assortment of each pharmacy is more than 8000 items. Pharmacy in the discounter format.
  • The chain Doctor Stoletov has been cooperating with leading manufacturers of
    pharmaceutical products for more than 20 years. It is part of the ERKAFARM group of companies.
  • CV PROTEK is a leading national distributor of pharmaceutical products which occupies 17.9% market share. Covers the entire territory of Russia and is comprised of 42 branches.

  • Da, Zdorov is a pharmacy chain of federal value in the middle price segment. It is part of the MEGA PHARM group of companies..

The way we work

Muse Media provides a full range of services
in the areas listed below
Launching brands
on new markets
We do not waste producer's time, promising a ghost result. All our brands are not accidentally successful in the market: marketing
potential of each of them was confirmed by the results of the company's research.
Coverage area
The company's distribution network covers the entire territory of the Russian Federation and CIS countries. Partnership distribution channels give us the opportunity to represent our products even at the most remote sales locations.
Our own marketing agency from the first day accompanies each of our brands: from the adaptation of promotional materials to the development of your own programs and advertising campaigns.
Muse Media
17, Butlerov street, Moscow, 117342, Russia
Business centre «NEO GEO»
+7 495 7405147